Luxe To Kill is a young, female-driven team based out of Manchester, UK. Established in 2017, LTK had humble beginnings, with photoshoots and shipment of orders taking place side by side from a garage attached to our founder's house. However, as the number of Luxe lovers quickly grew, our team and space also needed to!
With the team being based out of Manchester, LTK has a strong local, but diverse identity, however we have always had the ambition of spreading our vision and style worldwide. If you want to check out who exactly is in our team and what they get up to in (or outside) the office, then head over to our ‘BehindTheBrand’ highlight on our insta.
- Protecting our planet for the future
- Driving forward diversity and breaking down barriers in our society
- Empowering females of all backgrounds in the fashion industry
- Support the well-being and mental health of our team and community
- Delivering premium, durable and sustainable product to our customer
    We are always looking for ways to break down barriers; our ‘Luxe For All’ campaign back in 2019 highlighted the need for greater diversity and representation in the fashion industry, whilst our agenda since the start of 2020 has been that style does not have to cost the earth, (literally). Our move to a more sustainable model of business reflects the changing nature of the environment we live in, we truly believe that this step must happen and are proud to be a driving force in forcing the agenda in our industry. Whether it’s through ethical sourcing of product, recyclable materials or re-purposing of styles, we know that we can deliver quality collections without damaging our environment.
    Since day one we have only ever used vegan products and from then have built on and improved our processes to reflect our brand vision and direction. If you wish to dig a little deeper into the specific choices we make here at LTK with regards to our products and processes, you can either check out our sustainability page here or watch any of our sustainability highlights on our Instagram!