The Horror of Halloween

Halloween; the season of carving pumpkins, trick or treating, watching scary movies and of course everyones favourite…fancy dress.


With this celebration loved by so many it is unsurprising that it comes in as the UK’s third biggest retail event. As well as single use costumes, consumers are enticed with a wide range of plastic-based accessories including synthetic wigs, masks, hats, buckets, glittery makeup and even outfits for dogs.

In 2019, it was estimated a whopping 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste (equivalent to 83 million bottles) was generated from throwaway Halloween costumes by leading retailers alone.


Due to all these hair raising facts, Luxe To Kill have decided to not produce a new Halloween range this year. Instead we will be up-cycling and restyling items from previous collections to create our 'Never Leather' edit. These fierce, cruelty free products all fit in with the holiday’s theme and what's better yet, prevent any unnecessary waste on our part.


We hate waste 365 days a year and Halloween is no exception.